• A Glass of Water

    Have you ever googled an image of a glass of water?

    The pictures you are going to find are all very similar… and not necessarily unique. 

    I have been challenged to take a strong image of a single Glass of Water.

    My initial thought was “this is going to be so easy”…but then I started to think, and look deeper into the google images, and I realized… holy-cow…it’s all been done already, and all of the images still look exactly the same.  Then I started sort of stressing about it. 

    I went to pinterest, and the results were lacking.  However, the few pictures I did find here started to make ideas bloom.


    My thoughts: 

    • Snow Globe effect?
    • Ship in a bottle?
    • Texture?
    • Boba?
    • Food Coloring?
    • Reflections?
    • Sparkles?
    • A play on words?

    My next move was to look up the props I would need.

    • Glass (A few options)
    • Water Gems
    • Background
    • Sparkles
    • Food Coloring

    Now off to find the right ones, set up the props, set up the lighting, tweak, and then finally to capture the vision.

  • Indigo Inspiration

    I should actually say current inspiration because I find myself pulling ideas from everywhere, and what I’m inspired by changes all the time.  I find new things, or ways to better the old things, then boom… I’m over there checking out the old thing again.  I’m certainly a Gemini.

    My current inspiration lies with challenging myself.  I’m taking words, and things I’ve never done, and seeing what I can do with them.  It’s amazing really. 

    For example, I tell myself I want to work with “Indigo”.  I find myself at Michaels looking at the color, and what I picture within or surrounding indigo, and I don’t allow myself to buy anything. 

    I get back home, with a big cup of coffee, and I start to dig.  I look up the definition of Indigo, and ways other that the color that it’s relevant.  Then I do look into the color itself and different color palettes involving Indigo which people have created.  I look up paint chips, and interior designs, then objects.. and animals… and flowers..and anything I can think of.  I screenshot a lot of that and build up a folder. 


    At this point I’m usually overwhelmed with ideas so I stop and go do something else for the rest of the day. I sleep on the idea, and try to come up with a solid plan.  Something comes to me, and I start to grab all of the necessary materials. 

  • Where it all began..

    I am a pinterest maniac. I’m also a huge fan of DIY Projects, and Arts and Crafts of all sorts. Before I found pinterest, there were my grandmother the art teacher, and my other grandmother the collector.  I lived in art project heaven. My inspiration definitely comes from all over the place, but it starts with them.  When I was a little kid I LOVED spending time with people, and I hated being alone… so they would line me out with art projects and doll houses to set up in order to keep me distracted for a bit.  When I really think about it… that’s where it all began for me. 

  • Being the odd one out

    Being the odd one out has always been tough.  I’ve just recently learned to embrace it. Yes, I might stand out like a sore thumb, but I also stand out in positive ways.  I procrastinate, but I work better that way!
    I sleep in, but I’m a night owl, and I’m most productive later in the day.  I talk a lot, but I bring the people feeling alone in on whatever I’m talking about.  Being the odd one… doesn’t make things bad, it makes things fun!

    Inconsistency is sorta my thing.